Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hair Chains Cute and Funky !!

Lately we see everyone from Nicole Richie,Kim Kardashian to Indian and Arabic stars all sporting head chains. Whether its a casual outing or Awards function or even in movies these head accessories are making appearances everywhere.

Head chains can be worn in an casual as well as traditional look. Head chains come in a variety of  styles from from plain chains,beaded or with a hanging pendant on the forehead. Everyone from young to old is wearing these nowadays.

Arab world has been wearing traditional hamas since long time during celebrations,so can it be where the fashion has started from or is the bridal head accessory that the Indian brides wear during their weddings?
This is disputable from where the trend actually picked up but one thing is for sure it is the latest trend we should all keep our eyes open for.

We at Jawaherat have compiled a few of our favourite looks from world over-
Casual look
 Hamas are traditional Arab head pieces which are worn by arab ladies in celebration.
Traditional Hama
 Even Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone was seen sporting classy headpiece in the Zee Cine Awards.
Bollywood Actresses

Nicole Ritchie

Kim Kardashian

Back Side Head chains
The head chains can also be worn on the backside with open hair or over a bun.
You can see a variety of head chains/head bands available at Jawaherat Hair Accessory section.

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