Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Palm Bracelets- Latest Celebrity Fad??

Palm Bracelets- Whats that on your palm??

Did your bracelet slip on your palm??
Sarah Jessica Parker on Red Carpet

This new fad  is gaining quite some lime light with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek and Nicole Scherzinger wearing it.

Salma Hayek on Chat show
This Fad is bought to the Arab fashion scene by the likes of Haifa Wehbe, who has been seen sporting white diamonds Leaf bracelet.
Haifa Wehbe

These new accessories are a step ahead of a regular bangle, these can be worn at work or party with rings or without. Burqa clad ladies can also bling up with these beauties.

Palm bracelets are snugly worn on the palm and thus avoid the risk of falling off accidentally. 

Nicole Scherzinger

 Jewelry designer Ana Khouri believes “it all depends on individual style, so if you normally layer rings and bracelets you should do it with the hand bracelet, too. Nothing is off limits.” 

Jawaherat has a host of palm bracelets from funky spike palm bracelet to beautiful(literally) (no pun intended) to flowery to custom palm bracelets with names.

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